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Aviation accidents and severe injuries go hand in hand. With the majority of in-flight incidents causing fatalities, the families of victims and other survivors may not know where to turn. 


The B. Adam Terrell law firm is working to change things in a positive way. It may be impossible to go back and erase what already happened, but with our aid, individuals and families stand a far better chance of gaining closure and moving forward.


Successful Resolution of My Clients' Cases Is Dependent on Recovery on Their Behalf

The unique nature of the aviation industry means that accidents can take many forms. For instance, an aircraft might fail due to an inherent deficiency in its manufacture. Other crashes follow acts of negligence by owners or operators who didn't exercise proper caution

When arguing in the courtroom, having a nuanced understanding matters.

In addition to applying proven legal knowledge to help the injured and survivors seek justice, I strive to keep them educated. By ensuring that our clients stay informed, my aviation accident attorney team makes it easier for ordinary people to pursue legal action that produces results.

Aviation accidents are traumatic as it is. I work to minimize the stress and intense pressure associated with filing a complaint, going to trial and negotiating outside of the courtroom. With my help, people get to focus on moving forward, not looking back. 


Putting Aviation Accidents Into Context

How does a case related to injuries sustained on a commercial passenger air flight differ from a lawsuit involving a death on what should have been a routine helicopter tourism excursion? When a small business loses time and money after its assets get irrevocably damaged by improper air cargo handling procedures, how can it recoup its losses? 

The B. Adam Terrell helicopter accident attorney group helps people answer these and other difficult questions.

Over the course of many years spent successfully recovering monetary damages for clients from all walks of life, I've developed an effective litigation methodology grounded in a strong understanding of the law and a devotion to seeing cases through. No matter how tricky your situation seems, I can help you make sense of what comes next and choose your moves intelligently.


Don't Gamble on Misunderstandings

Many factors impact how aviation lawsuits play out. For instance, if an offshore gas or oil worker got injured while riding a helicopter to or from a rig, then they might not be able to win an award by suing their employer. If a third-party firm operated the faulty aircraft, then the victims would need to adjust their legal focus accordingly. In many cases, it's necessary to target multiple parties, such as manufacturers, pilots and air traffic controllers, to cover all the bases properly.

Similar considerations might also come into play in incidents that seem deceptively straightforward. Imagine that a family sues a private air carrier after a loved one dies in a crash. If the lawsuit is based on the carrier's improper maintenance, then it might not make any headway if it turns out that the company contracted its upkeep out to the airfield.

What's the key takeaway for those in search of justice? Extensive preliminary research is a vital component of all lawsuits. My team and I shoulder these burdens by exploring incidents from all angles, working with professionally recognized accident investigators and gathering as much evidence as possible to put cases on the best footing. 

Initial Consultations Are Always Free

I don't think that those who suffer catastrophes should be forced to relive the moments over and over again. After these life-changing events, the last thing that victims and their families want is to keep confronting the tragic memories. Those who go into their cases unprepared, however, often have to do just that.

I offer free consultations so that survivors can minimize the risks associated with the pursuit of closure. Seeking justice requires immense bravery, and I think that such courage in the face of adversity deserves rewards, not punishment by a cold, unfeeling legal system.

Life is never the same after air tragedies, and there's no such thing as a minor aviation incident. Talking to a Texas helicopter accident attorney may be the easiest way to find out what went wrong and win compensation for your pain and suffering. It could also ensure that what happened to you won't harm someone else in the future. Learn more by reaching out to B. Adam Terrell soon.

Initial Consultation Is Always Free

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