Oil Rig Explosion

Life on an oil rig may be a matter of constant routine for most, but it's anything but a tranquil, safe work environment. As much as oil and gas companies might like to deny it, accidents completely upend their carefully crafted schedules and contingency plans. When these incidents involve explosions, they cause severe injuries and death.

As an oil rig explosion lawyer with more than 28 years of practice in Southeast Texas, B. Adam Terrell knows all too well the costs of employer carelessness. Whether your injuries were so-called accidents or clear examples of events that should have been prevented, our firm always puts your recovery first. We believe in fighting for our clients until we've successfully recovered damages on their behalf. 


The Devastating Realities of Oil Rig Accidents

Oil explosions don't just happen at random. For these events to occur, safety systems have to fail, humans must make mistakes and managers have to miss the signs of imminent danger. Despite all of these hurdles, however, explosions, fires and similar incidents make the news on what seems like a regular basis.

Who pays the highest price in the aftermath of oil rig failures? Injured workers and other victims have to overcome countless challenges from severe burns that cause permanent pain to amputations and fatalities. Whether they need decades of constant medical attention or never regain the capacity to work, their lives irrevocably change.

Explosions and other events don't just cause obvious harm, such as blunt force trauma and burns. When fossil fuel exploitation systems break down, they can release toxic chemicals that increase the risk of exposure for those who managed to avoid the initial blast. Fires in industrial areas commonly expose those nearby to chemical inhalation injuries. Steam burns, falling objects and other hazards that were already present become even more dangerous, and their consequences can be utterly devastating. 

For someone who's been in such an accident, talking to an oil rig explosion lawyer is the undeniable smart move.

Those who'd rather not be victims for the rest of their lives know that it pays to be discerning. Discussing your case with an attorney who actually has a lifetime of first-hand familiarity with oil production could make it far easier to get compensation and fund your recovery, return to work or provide for a family after losing an irreplaceable breadwinner. B. Adam Terrell's West Texas upbringing and three decades of practice history give him the professional acumen to handle cases where it seems like nothing is in the victim's favor. 

What Could Victims Gain From Talking to an Oil Rig Explosion Lawyer?

Although the odds often seem stacked against private citizens, victims have many avenues that they can pursue to make things right. For instance, if someone can prove that an on-the-job injury occurred because an oil rig's owner failed to install or maintain the appropriate safety mechanisms, then they might be eligible for payouts under a variety of federal rules, including the Jones Act, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act or Death on the High Seas Act. These laws provide potential benefits for everything from medical bills and lost wages to professional job training. 


To leverage the rules and recover, victims need to understand their circumstances in context.

Like many laws, employee compensation regulations are governed by an almost maze-like system of statutes and clauses that can be extremely hard to penetrate. Without legal knowledge, victims might make mistakes that put their cases at risk of getting dismissed on technicalities. Texas also gives employers the chance to contest worker's compensation claims, so being informed is vital no matter which route you follow to a resolution. 

B. Adam Terrell knows how to deal with the system so that his clients can seek brighter futures.

The unique distinctions between different injury incidents mean that there's no one-size-fits-all legal solution: It's vital to manage your case with a nuanced strategy that maximizes your chances of success.

I don't believe that working in a dangerous field means people should have to accept the fact that they'll get harmed. All Americans who pursue careers to better their lives or provide for their families warrant protection from avoidable hazards. Companies that don't maintain such safeguards deserve to face the consequences.

Worker protection laws exist for a good reason, and I work to help victims leverage them. I've helped hundreds of clients seek appropriate compensation for burn injuries, recovered millions of dollars and put families on better footing to face the future without continually having to look back. Initial consultations are always free, so contact oil rig explosion attorney B. Adam Terell to handle your case.


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