Choose a Texas Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer That Cares About Your Family

Putting a relative in a nursing home or other care facility can be a tough decision. Families want to do as much as possible for their loved ones, but their resources are limited. Seeking professional help often seems like the best option, but what happens when it takes a wrong turn?

Attorney B. Adam Terrell has spent decades leveraging his unique brand of legal insights to fight for families after nursing facilities betrayed their trust. From outright abuse to situations where carelessness and inattention resulted in serious health complications, he's proud to help Texan families fight for their rights to live healthy, rewarding lives. 


What Texans Need to Know About Nursing Home Neglect

The law regards neglect as a specific form of abuse where someone responsible for caring for a victim fails to fulfill their duties. Some types of neglect can occur accidentally, such as when care facilities fail to plan for the number of residents they house or mismanage things so that they lack the medicine, equipment and other material resources to provide assistance as promised. In other cases, staff members and other caregivers may intentionally deny treatment as a form of punishment, retribution or other malicious abuse. 

For the elderly and infirm, neglect is a serious matter.

Such problems can be fatal, and they often induce serious psychological trauma that makes life extremely unpleasant for facility residents. Families that would never want their loved ones to suffer may also have a hard time detecting abuse: Victims may feel compelled to hide their suffering because they're ashamed or fearful of their abusers. 


These harsh realities make it critical to talk to someone who cares and has the knowledge to offer useful solutions.

Resolving elder abuse like nursing home neglect always begins with removing the victim from the situation, but that's just one aspect. For many families, the advanced age of their abused loved ones means that only seeking legal action against the perpetrator can provide permanent closure.

Pursuing a lawsuit isn't always smooth sailing, especially in cases involving wrongful deaths. That's why the law firm of B. Adam Terrell works to give victims more choices. As Texas' aged population grows, negligence is likely to increase, but we'll always be ready to help victims fight back. We're proud to set a new standard by fighting to ensure that the elderly maintain their dignity. 

Understanding Your Case

Going to court is one thing, but making a compelling argument takes hard work. Although having an attorney who vigorously represents your interests is a good start, it's also important to know how your situation is unique.

Many things can count as nursing home neglect. For instance, if a facility nurse or orderly provides the right medication but fails to observe the correct dosage, then they weren't really attending to their duties. In some cases, such oversights are minor, but in others, like the nightmarish situations that plagued the state after Hurricane Harvey, they can be fatal.

Not all forms of abuse leave visible marks. They can also limit people's quality of life by making it harder to cope with everyday affairs. Because many nursing home occupants are already dealing with health issues, there's also a significant chance that neglect might worsen their symptoms.

In addition to potentially raising their medical costs, these problems cause occupants misery, physical pain and mental trauma. Sadly, they can also induce significant feelings of guilt in families that blame themselves for not noticing the signs. 

My hands-on case history has firmly convinced me that families are just as much the victims of abuse as their elderly relatives are.

No victim should be made to feel like their harrowing experiences were their fault. My work as an attorney revolves around reinforcing that notion by using the law to prove that negligent nursing home staff were in the wrong. 

Bank on My Knowledge, Tenacity and Compassion

I understand what you're going through, and I'm dedicated to easing the pain. My specific knowledge of nursing home neglect trials lets me put things in perspective to give my clients a reasonable idea of what kinds of damages they can seek and how to gain closure.

I'm not done working until I successfully resolve cases by recovering on your behalf. You or a relative may have been abused in a nursing home, but you don't have to keep suffering. Initial consultations are always free, so chat with nursing home neglect lawyer B. Adam Terrell today.


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