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Every car crash is different. One common factor they all share, however, is that they almost always throw people's lives off track. No matter whether they're minor fender benders or absolute nightmares, wrecks can place entire futures at risk. Vehicle accident attorney B. Adam Terrell and his staff believe that Southeast Texas deserves better.


Over the course of 28 years, our practice has helped hundreds of victims, survivors and their families. In that time, we've learned that there's no such thing as an easy vehicle wreck case. My team and I are devoted to helping survivors take on the complexities of post-accident life from an informed legal perspective. 

Connecting Clients With Everything They Need to Move On

What happens after a typical Texas car wreck? Survivors often face challenges that seem insurmountable. Medical bills might threaten them with the risk of debt. Injuries could stop them from working and render them unable to support themselves and their families. Emotional and mental trauma can transform formerly routine activities into absolute ordeals. 

Whether they're struggling with the costs of repairing their totaled property or simply fighting to regain a sense of normalcy, accident sufferers need real help. I believe that the successful resolution of cases for my clients is dependent on recovery on their behalf. I fight hard for compensation so that victims can concentrate on recovery. 

I work tirelessly to provide legal solutions that protect the futures people have worked so hard to build. From educating victims about how Texas accident liability law works to helping survivors develop stronger cases around solid evidence, I never stop advocating for those in dire need. 

Charting Out a Path to Healing

As one of Texas' premiere accident attorneys, I've helped countless pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders, drivers and passengers. Although every case I handle involves unique facets of the law, I continuously leverage my experience and attention to detail to ensure that victims receive the aid they deserve. 

Make Better Decisions With the Help of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Who Cares

One of the biggest hurdles confronting accident victims is the fact that it's not always easy to anticipate the true costs of a wreck. For instance, collisions can result in issues that might not crop up until years later, such as injuries that progressively worsen. 

These issues matter: Someone who files a lawsuit using a faulty legal argument may have their case thrown out and wind up stuck with the legal fees in addition to their medical bills. Their settlement request might be denied because they sued the wrong party or asked for an inappropriate amount. Texas is also a comparative fault state, so it's vital for victims to gather accurate evidence that supports their claims. It's worth having a motorcycle accident attorney who understands how to manage your particular case. 

I always keep my clients in the know. I understand how traumatic car accidents can be, so I do everything in my power to make it as simple as possible to seek justice effectively. An accident may have thrown your life into disarray, but I'm a firm proponent of the idea that it doesn't have to do the same thing to your future. 


Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Is a Survivor's Best Bet

I'm passionate about advocating for my clients because I understand what they're going through. After spending years helping families who lost their loved ones in fatality accidents, I've seen firsthand what's really at risk in car and motorcycle crashes. 

True, it would be nice if nobody ever had to experience hardships like vehicle accidents. That day is unlikely to come anytime soon, however, and in the meantime, people need help turning their lives back around. My proactive approach to comprehensive case resolution empowers victims to regain control after fate deals them a bad hand. 

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