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Nothing compares to the pain of losing a family member. While there's no way to measure such grief, these situations feel far worse when they seem to have been preventable or unnecessary. Wrongful deaths, or fatalities related to someone else's wrongful acts, are amazingly hard to get through. Not all cases involving fatalities result in criminal charges, and those that do don't always lead to compensation judgments. Many victims' families and other survivors are left feeling like the perpetrators escaped justice. Attorney B. Adam Terrell specializes in securing closure for his clients by seeking damages that help them move on. 


A Primer on Wrongful Death Cases

Many Texans will never have to experience wrongful death incidents. Unfortunately, our state's large population, constant growth and expansive industrial climate mean that the odds aren't in most people's favor. Wrongful deaths can occur for many reasons, including

  • Negligent, careless or inattentive actions on the part of companies and individuals,
  • Someone selling or serving alcohol to another person who subsequently operates a motor vehicle,
  • Product and automobile defects,
  • Bad employer practices that lead to unsafe working conditions,
  • Medical errors and oversights that should never have occurred,
  • Contaminated foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products,
  • Poorly maintained business facilities or public fixtures, and
  • Improper care of at-risk individuals, such as children, the elderly and the infirm.


It's important to understand that these are just a few of the situations that might lead to wrongful deaths. What they all have in common, however, are clear links between someone else's actions and fatalities sustained by victims. For instance, a child dying in a pedestrian-auto accident when their professional nanny should have been watching them could be an undeniable example of a wrongful death caused by inattention. Manufacturers that try to cut costs by eliminating key production line safety steps might cause multiple wrongful deaths when their products deal life-threatening injuries to a host of people. 

The law team at the B. Adam Terrell firm strives to paint a clearer picture.

Compelling case arguments draw precise distinctions to erase any doubt from the minds of jurors and judges. We spend countless hours investigating incidents and building evidence not only for the survivors' sense of closure but also for the sake of moving cases through court. We believe in pursuing resolutions powered by just compensation awards, so we don't stop advocating for our clients until we've secured damages on their behalf. 

Why Fight After a Wrongful Death?

After someone loses a family member, it's understandable that they might just want to move on. As they know, however, they've given up far more than just a person. They may have to face life deprived of a breadwinner, companion, co-parent and source of emotional well-being.

Wrongful deaths have impacts that ripple across lifetimes. They make it harder to support children. They can dramatically increase the difficulty of managing otherwise normal stresses and cast survivors adrift without an anchor. Those who fail to get the resolution they deserve may have to cope with self-destructive anger for decades.

People's reasons for filing wrongful death lawsuits are extremely varied, so nuance is essential. My firm has successfully taken on countless claims and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. With diverse experience in specific areas of the law including employment matters, nursing home abuse, vehicle accidents, oil and natural gas industry failures, and aviation accidents, I have what it takes to help you choose the best course of action in any situation. 


Put Your Lawsuit in the Right Hands

Winning a lawsuit isn't merely about being on the side of right. Plaintiffs also need to convince the court that they've been wronged, and that's where my 28 years of expertise come in.

The goal of my investigation-driven, highly thorough case management process is to link each incident's causes to its outcome. In addition to showing how someone else directly contributed to your loved one's wrongful death, I go further by demonstrating how you suffered losses as a result. Whether you want to recover medical bills, funeral expenses, lost earning potential, or damages related to bereavement and suffering, I help you justify your argument before the court.

Life changes fast. The B. Adam Terrell legal team responds just as quickly by getting the facts straight and putting survivors on track to seek compensation. Discover why so many Southeast Texan clients rely on us by reaching out for a free initial estimate.

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