Transit accidents are disastrous. The huge forces involved when people cross paths with massive vehicles and the speed at which many collisions occur mean that few walk away from such encounters unscathed. Whether they're railroad employees or members of the general public, victims need help getting back to a state of wellness.

Fortunately, if you're injured, the law may be on your side, and railroad accident lawyer B. Adam Terrell is here to help people understand their options. More than 28 years of practice have taught our team that although these cases demand time, compassion and incalculable effort, they're much more likely to succeed with someone experienced at the rudder. We're ready to take on that role while our clients work on rehabilitation.


How Does Our Experience Help Railroad Accident Victims?

Railroad accidents aren't only about trains. True, the dynamics of a light commuter rail wreck might be totally different from what happens in a freight rail accident, but there are also many other factors to consider. Weather, visibility conditions, population movement and even proximity to other transit routes, such as highways and residential streets, all play major roles.

The outcome of every accident is highly circumstantial. Contributing factors may include

  • How quickly the victim or train operator was able to react,
  • Whether the train company and its employees were operating within the confines of local, state and federal laws,
  • Whether the train line or company had a history of collisions, mistakes, negligence or other problems, and
  • How long it took the train company to render aid to a victim and whether such aid was sufficient.


Unlike many automobile accidents, train collisions have a notable fatality rate and a tendency to cause life-threatening injuries. This heightened severity and the relatively uncommon nature of such events can dramatically exacerbate their consequences. With so much more at stake, it's even more vital that victims seek legal aid in addition to medical attention and psychological counseling. 

No matter who you are or how your accident occurred, I help you get to the heart of it.

By exploring the critical details that make your incident unique, I give you the perspective you need to confront those who harmed you in court. I love putting my experience to work in and out of the courtroom, and I don't quit fighting until I've recovered on my clients' behalf. 

What Makes a Sound Railroad Accident Case?

Seeking damages by filing a lawsuit is a common remedy for those who have been injured by railroad conglomerates. The problem is that fighting these behemoths isn't quite as simple as filling out some paperwork and getting a court date.

The key to understanding your situation and building an effective case lies in getting to know how the industry works. When someone gets hit, the responsibility may rest on multiple parties: From the company that improperly overloaded a freighter so that it couldn't slow down to the inattentive conductor or the firm that failed to maintain its aging track system, each incident is a convergence of circumstances. 


We investigate what happened so that victims can set their sights on who's really to blame before filing lawsuits.

By proactively digging behind the scenes into the operating histories of companies and employees, we establish behavioral trends that might convince courts of liability. By investigating working conditions at railroads and applying our immense knowledge of the Federal Railroad Safety Act, or FRSA, we determine how employers' negligent actions jeopardized their employees' well-being.

We recognize and respect that our clients are all unique. Some are fighting for worker's compensation under the Federal Employers' Liability Act, or FELA. Others are simply reeling from the wrongful death of a loved one. We specialize in cultivating the skills and knowledge to make their legal actions more fruitful regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. 

Railroad Accident Victims Need Attorneys Who Don't Give Up

The railroad companies that operate across the U.S. take many forms and have their origins in various locales in addition to Texas. No matter how integral their work is to our modern way of life, however, they have no excuse for not following the state and federal safety rules designed to protect people.

It isn't easy to go up against a major company like one of the nation's seven Class I railroad carriers or their subsidiaries. The B. Adam Terrell team works to ensure that no matter how vast the difference in size is between these corporations and their victims, justice is served.

Want to learn more about taking your life back? Talk to a railroad accident lawyer with 28 years of experience and a track record of success. All initial consultations are free, and we're committed to maximizing your recovery, so reach out today.

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