Helping Victims Face Life After Truck Accidents

Most people understand how severe transportation accidents can be. Few, however, anticipate how much worse these incidents become when they involve semi trucks and other commercial vehicles. With bigger vehicles come higher stakes, and for victims, even more may be at risk.


The law firm of B. Adam Terrell provides a range of rapid-response, aggressive services designed to get you back on the right road after a truck accident sends your life down an unexpected detour. I have more than 28 years of experience helping people mitigate the effects of commercial vehicle accidents, and I don't stop until I've successfully resolved cases by recovering on my clients' behalf. 


Understanding the Stakes in Truck Accidents

What makes truck accidents so much more severe than normal wrecks? There are a few important factors to consider: 

Relative Size

Truck accidents often involve massive vehicles striking significantly smaller objects, such as cars, bicyclists, motorcycle riders and pedestrians. This difference in size can mean that any injuries and property damage that occur are orders of magnitude greater than they'd be in other circumstances. 


Speed of Travel

Many commercial vehicle accidents occur on highways. In addition to resulting in more extensive harm, this can also prevent operators from taking corrective action effectively. In other words, these accidents may be harsher because drivers can't stop in time. 

The Nature of Commerce

One of the most commonly overlooked factors in truck accidents is that offending companies don't always act in good faith. Professional shippers, fleet managers and commercial insurers know that their reputations and profit margins are at risk, so they respond to accidents extremely fast to protect their own interests. In some cases, they'll even get to the scene of a crash before the police arrive, which can put the ball in their court and make victims feel powerless. 


B. Adam Terrell Helps Victims Fight Back

All told, truck accidents have higher chances of causing injuries and putting victims in dire legal straits. If you're a survivor, your semi truck accident lawyer must be able to respond as swiftly and aggressively as any corporate attorney or shipping firm insurance adjuster would.

Talking to a legal specialist as soon as possible after an accident is of critical importance. Although paperwork may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're considering how to recover, early evidence gathering and discovery play huge roles in trial and settlement outcomes. I have the knowledge, resources and dedication that victims need to handle crucial tasks like

  • Collecting witness statements
  • Making sense of police reports
  • Investigating contributory factors, such as operator work hours, accident histories, truck maintenance standards and cargo loading procedures
  • Uncovering discrepancies in fleet operator claims
  • Gathering evidence of harm
  • Inspecting accident scenes and damaged vehicles
  • Determining the causes of incidents to craft effective legal arguments


Managing an accident claim case is a massive amount of work, especially for victims with other pressing concerns. Don't you deserve a legal team that's devoted to protecting your best interests?

With B. Adam Terrell, Initial Consultations Are Always Free

My tenacious approach to southeast Texas truck accident law has proven invaluable for victims time and again. Unlike some attorneys, I don't stop at merely filing cases. I help people plan for the future and make claims that offset the losses they incur from commercial vehicle accidents. 

Going into a semi truck accident lawsuit uninformed isn't just ill-advised: It could even make things worse.

Failing to do your research in advance might result in your case getting thrown out or you being judged responsible for someone else's legal fees. Suing the wrong party, such as a driver who enjoyed employer indemnity, might mean that you receive less than you need to pay for things like hospital bills, physical therapy or vehicle repairs. In short, it's essential to be prepared.

Not all cases resolve the same way: Yours may end up in settlement talks or become a heated battle in front of a jury. Since every situation demands its own specialized approach, it's vital to talk to a Beaumont truck accident lawyer who can help you anticipate what's coming down the road next.

B. Adam Terrell has recovered millions of dollars for victims who got dealt bad hands in commercial vehicle encounters. Find out how an experienced semi truck accident lawyer can improve your outlook on post-collision life by scheduling a complimentary case assessment.


Initial Consultation Is Always Free

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