Why Should an Offshore Accident Define Your Fate?

Many Texas and Louisiana workers make their living in the natural gas and crude oil industries. While these fields carry risks across the board, those who spend their time offshore face a unique combination of occupational hazards unlike anything else. This potentially deadly cocktail of danger isn't theoretical: Accidents abound, and injuries and fatalities typically follow in their wake.


As a 28-year offshore accident lawyer, B. Adam Terrell doesn't believe that people should have to risk everything just to provide for their families and secure upward mobility. Our team is continually fighting to represent those whose futures are in jeopardy because of offshore accidents, and our multimillion-dollar track record of success is a testament to our determination and expertise. 

What Should You Do First After an Offshore Accident?

The majority of employers that conduct maritime operations have strict rules in place for responding to accidents. What these operating procedures and internal regulations often fail to stress, however, is the importance of employees and other victims seeking independent, impartial legal assistance.

Whether you get hurt on an oil rig or ship, being out at sea can work against you. The invisible clock known as the statute of limitations begins ticking the instant that tragedy befalls you, and the longer you wait to take action, the harder it is to respond effectively. Delaying critical steps like gathering evidence, conducting independent accident investigations and filing complaints can compromise your chances of winning an award. 

I'm here to ensure that no victim goes unrepresented when they need help the most.

Discussing your plight with my maritime injury lawyer group is the first step in making a lasting recovery, so don't delay. No matter whether your case goes to trial today or ends up in negotiations that don't commence for months, getting informed about the realities of the situation now empowers you to take action that works in the long run. 

Understanding Which Laws Apply to Your Case.

No two marine accidents are alike, and the same laws don't even govern each:

  • A tragic fatality that occurs in deep waters may fall under the Death on the High Seas Act, but an injury that takes place during transit between American ports will probably fall under the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, more commonly known as the Jones Act. Jones Act eligibility is contingent on claimants having spent a certain minimum percentage of their careers shipboard.
  • If a dockhand sustains an injury in a forklift incident, oilfield explosion, fire or fall portside, then they might be eligible for a payout under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, or LHWCA.
  • LHWCA victims who work on military bases may receive special compensation. Those who file lawsuits that end in settlements may get their attorneys' fees covered, but they can't claim damages.


These examples go to show how confusing maritime accident litigation can be. Even though the rules provide workers with many protections, such as the right to file claims for indemnity and medical benefits, lost wages and vocational rehabilitation, employers also have privileges. Shipowners and other corporate enterprises commonly flex their rights by fighting back and attempting to deny claims. Before pushing forward, victims need realistic perspectives on what they're up against and what the laws mean for their particular situations.

I've spent 28 years trying to bring these issues into clearer focus for workers and families that want nothing more than to move on with their lives. Few things are less constructive than inadequate representation, so I tailor my services to the needs of each client, and I don't stop fighting until I've done everything possible to recover damages. 


Initial Consultations Are Always Free. What's Stopping You From Getting Educated?

No matter which area of the law covers your injury, it's critical to make smart moves when filing a claim. Compensation, insurance payouts and settlements aren't guaranteed. Corporations and defense firms are notorious for pushing back, so victims who want to win have to go into battle with the right legal armament.

At the B. Adam Terrell law firm, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to recover from harm. Whether your injuries prevent you from ever returning to work in the same field or merely keep you off the job for a few months, they shouldn't permanently place your future at risk. Get life back on course with the aid of a reputable offshore accident lawyer: Secure your right to a promising future by contacting me today.

Initial Consultation Is Always Free

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