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In many ways, Southeast Texas and the fossil fuel industry have been perfect partners. These fields have provided jobs for workers from a broad range of backgrounds and boosted local economies at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately, they also have their downsides, and it's usually the employees who suffer after falling through the cracks.


Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas are home to countless men and women who routinely brave some of the world's most hazardous working environments. When their employers drop the ball, they need help right away, and B. Adam Terrell is always ready to answer the call. I believe in working hard until I've successfully resolved cases by recovering on my clients' behalf, and I'm committed to supporting those who demand justice. 

Who Benefits From Seeking Legal Aid After Refinery Accidents?

Refineries are unique examples of how concentrated industrial action can go wrong in the blink of an eye. Whereas most businesses involve a single operator, these facilities play host to numerous stakeholders that conduct a range of different activities. The volatile, corrosive and toxic properties of the products and chemicals that refineries use and store also contribute to abnormally high risks.

I aim to make the law equally accessible to all kinds of professionals who work in or around this dangerous industry. From pipeline technicians and tank farm managers to hazardous material truckers and equipment handlers, injury victims know that they can always depend on my team for insight and assistance. 

Comprehensive, Compassionate Advocacy

Even though going head-to-head with giant corporations often seems like an impossible task, I never back down or falter. I've recovered millions of dollars for wronged workers across numerous industries and helped victims navigate their way forward following:

  • Injuries and losses incurred by local populations following fires, leaks, spills and explosions
  • Construction site accidents
  • Heavy equipment injuries
  • Tragic on-the-job fatalities
  • Pipeline injuries
  • Transportation injuries
  • Electrical injuries
  • Long-term occupational exposure incidents

Understanding Refinery Lawsuits

Texas lawsuits revolving around occupational injuries can be extremely convoluted. Although it may seem obvious to many victims that their employers handled things poorly or contributed to their harm, courts demand certain proof. Sadly, the sheer number of players involved in such incidents can make it hard to pinpoint exactly who's at fault.

Lawsuits only serve their purpose when they're properly planned and executed. I begin each case by providing a complimentary consultation that makes it easier to get to the facts and find out why accidents really occurred. I use this information to build stronger arguments and link adverse outcomes, such as disabilities, chemical burns and wrongful deaths, to the original incidents in no uncertain terms.

Why go to all of this trouble? The court system doesn't draw conclusions on its own accord. If you're a victim or survivor, you have to fill in the blanks so that the court can see precisely how your tragedy related to someone else's actions.

When companies violate environmental laws or workplace safety rules, the regulators that punish them don't necessarily work to secure compensation for the victims. I do the legal heavy lifting to ensure that you can get an award that helps you return your life to normalcy. My team presents your argument in court and defends your rights aggressively to maximize your chances of winning a monetary judgment even if the company that harmed you resists taking responsibility. 

Your Future Is Worthy of Legal Aid

Don't make the mistake of thinking that what happened to you or a loved one was inconsequential. As enduring as the petrochemical industry may seem from an outside perspective, many Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana refineries are hotbeds of errors. By taking immediate legal action against a plant operator, owner or employee, you might protect others by changing the standard.

Many refinery accidents unfold in mere seconds, yet their victims feel the effects for entire lifetimes. From sustaining permanent disabilities to losing the confidence that you need to deal with daily affairs, the consequences of these incidents can make it impossible to maintain a positive outlook. 

Don't let someone else's mistakes keep you down for good.

Talk to refinery accident lawyer B. Adam Terrell about how a sound legal strategy can help you overcome defeat. Take advantage of my rapid-response investigations, comprehensive evidence-gathering skills, tenacious advocacy and compassion by scheduling a free consultation as soon as possible.

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